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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Get to know Lickel staff: Amanda Mihelcic

Name: Amanda Mihelcic

Hometown: Lenexa, Kansas

College: The better of the two Kansas schools…K-State 😊

Any kids, siblings, or pets?  I have an older sister named Emily and one time I had a beta fish.

Dream vacation spot: I refuse to pick just one- there’s too many to count! So, basically I just need to win the lottery and travel the world.

Favorite music: Cliché response but I listen to pretty much anything from classic rock to rap- just depends on the mood I’m in. Feeling determined? Something catchy and motivating. Feeling pensive? Soft pop/country. Need to run/work it out? Something with a good beat. I even break out the polka music every once in a while!

Summer or winter? I’m a summer girl through and through, but those perfect fall nights for bonfires are a close second.

Hidden talent: Not really hidden talents just kind of “quiet” talents, but I can play the guitar and piano and have been known to break out in song on the rare occasion.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Cake batter. Or vanilla with marshmallow fluff.

Most watched show on Netflix: I cycle through It’s Always Sunny, Last Man Standing and New Girl the most.

Favorite sport to watch or play: Growing up I played most sports so I don’t have a favorite per say, but there is nothing like snowboarding down a mountain. As for favorite sport to watch it’s a tie between baseball (GO ROYALS) and basketball.

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  1. Sounds like one of my daughters !!!!